Saturday, September 15, 2007

More Lilies

The other day at work I grabbed a couple of the ripe seed pods from some of our native L. pardilinum spp. pitkinense plants. The Lily lady (see previous post) had told me that they would be hybrids between the ssp. pitkinense and ssp. pardilinum because our spp. pitkinense were all clones (grown from bulb scales) and they can only be pollinated by a genetically-different individuals. They were next to ssp. pardilinum, so it's fairly safe to assume...

Anyway, I've always admired Lilium pardilinum for the red turban flowers. There was one flowering in our garden ths spring (the only lilium on the property). Very beautiful. Tomorrow I'll pot up these seeds and cap my lily acquisitions.

This Lilum pardilinum photo is from the Lily Society website.

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