Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Big Lagoon Politcal Update

This just in:

"BIG LAGOON -- The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs recently sent a letter to local agencies asking their take on the Big Lagoon rancheria's application to bring a five-acre parcel of land at the intersection of state Highway 101 and Big Lagoon Park Road into trust for tribal housing."

"According to the rancheria's application, three homes are planned for the property purchased in 2004. It is located about one-fourth of a mile outside the rancheria's trust lands."

”We're not interested in taking land into trust with restrictions,” Moorehead said. “We're looking at this as an alternative in case we build a casino.”

(full story from Eureka-Times Standard)

More development at Big Lagoon (especially a casino!) makes me nervous...


Weeping Sore said...

Hello, I found your blog via Kate Smudges. Very interesting and very mysterious.

Gaming casinos are problematic. On one hand, we took everything else from tribes, why not let them take something back? On the other hand, back country disappears forever.

In rural San Diego, one of the tribes (I think it was Barona) stopped selling alcohol after dinner because there were so many alcohol-related crashes on the winding back road.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Welcome. Yes, these are definetly tough issues and I don't have a solution. I am naive and curious about the entities involved (the tribe, the Coastal Conservancy, Big Lagoon coorporation (my cabin is a part of this), the Department of the interior...) so I have a lot of investigating to do. I should have taken some law classes.