Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have a landscaper friend who had to leave town for a couple of months, so I've been doing the gardening for a few of her clients on the weekends. It's been fun.

Anyway, I want to remember this:

Forget landscape tape--that nasty oily tape that one has to buy, that may never biodegrade, and that usually stands out in a garden despite being green. The Phormium tenax growing in the pot over there has a few browning leaves it won't miss. Cut them off, shred them into a few strips. There. They work wonderfully.

Food, fiber, firewood, building material, medicine...what are the resources around you?


Ellen said...

What a fabulous idea! In PA I use branches from the woods as plant stakes. The gray color of the aged wood is more natural in the garden and I like the not-quite-straight but still upright shape they give to my taller perennials. I also use whatever stones come out of the ground (when I dig a new hole) to cover the base of the newly-planted plant. Otherwise, animals are attracted by the freshly dug earth and often dig up the plant, searching fro grubs.

I bet Yucca filamentosa would work as well as Phormium.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

I just like to keep things simple and anything that makes gardening less consumer-ish and plastic sounds good to me.

Thanks for the tip, Ellen. I wonder if that would deter domestic animals too (my mom's dog).

Genevieve said...

Awesome, I appreciate the tip! I'm an Arcata Landcaper so it's neat to find your blog. Sorry you have left Humboldt!