Sunday, July 6, 2008

Iris Rootborer

Last year I noticed a few of the irises yellowing and that even green leaves loosely fell off the plants. While I was proud, to pinpoint the problem (below, fairly obvious), I was sad to have to destroy the afflicted plants. This year it seems that the rest of the doug irises in the coastal prairie are succumbing and I don't know what to do.


Steve said...

Your blog is well done and a photographic treat for the eyes.

I noticed your bit on Euphorbia down below. I always perk up when I see Euphorbia mentioned. To me, like what appears to be your Evening Primrose with those yellow blooms, those happen to be two plants I personally cannot plant enough of.

Nice blog!

chuck b. said...

Oh, how awful.

What brings these creatures?

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I don't have any evening primrose, though I do like them and there are some good native ones around.

Chuck, I think the borers came from some contaminated plants (from a local nursery around here). I really loved the irises and they seemed to be really thriving in the meadow until about a month ago, so it really is devastating. Apparently they are the most serious pest of irises.