Thursday, November 15, 2007

November Bloom Day

There are several plants still blooming in the garden: Clarkia amoena (above), yarrow, sticky monkeyflowers (going strong), CA poppy, hedge nettle, pearly everlasting, and even one or two golden eyed grasses. For herbs, we have a few lavender flowers left and several blooms on the society garlic. Nasturtiums in pots are still going crazy, and we also have some dwarf salvia blooming. Inside are the flowers I mentioned in the last post, though the Schlumbergia is pretty much done now. What can I say? We have mild weather here, and tons of rain. Happy Bloomday.


mmw said...

Wow, farewell-to-spring indeed!

My clarkias hung on until maybe late July this year, and I remember thinking that they could go longer if I watered them, but November never occurred to me.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Ya, this is my first year growing them and I'm suprised too. It's moist enough to grow rushes in the "coastal prairie", so there is ample water in the area. (We do have drip irrigation for new plants, though I think it's unnecessary--wasn't my project. It was turned on a few times this summer. But the rushes came in naturally BEFORE the drip lines, so that's an indicator.) I broadcasted the seeds in late spring so that may also be a contributing factor.