Thursday, November 15, 2007


Lisa, my sister in law, tagged me. You know, I'm supposed to make six things about myself public and then pass it on to others.

1. I like combining india ink and pastel to make strange pictures that are sometimes downright ugly, but will someday be consistently wonderful. Above, is a detail of such a picture.

2. I have a very poor sense of smell (anosmic) and I'm not old (early 20s) and I haven't been a drug user. My smell comes and goes. I can't stand the smell of smarties (the candy), they make me nauseous.

3. I found part of a triceratops skull one summer and am fascinated by fossils and natural history. I like trilobites.

4. I'm a little O.C. when it comes to food that's bad for me. I hardly ever eat butter, refined sugar, or salt, and it's been a long long time since I've had fast food or soda. I can taste food, very well I think, so don't try to blame it on my lack of smell. I just know it's bad for me, and I've slowly trained myself to dislike unhealthy foods, at least on some level. Several years ago I trained myself to like celery. He can be taught!

5. My siblings and I were raised on Disney movies and we can sing along to all of the classics. Movie quotes are an important component of our conversations when we're all together.

6. My proudest acheivement was, on my own, getting in the habit of cooking beans (with half an onion and a bay leaf) on a woodstove when I lived in Arizona. I long to have my own woodstove and I am quickly turning into an old man.

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lisa said...

ah, now didn't that feel good!! i didn't know the india ink/pastel thing. and don't be such a nazi about food. enjoy it!!