Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Bloom Day

The sky is clear, but the earth's cold and wet. A walk through the Bayside forest reveals:

Clusters of Trillium ovatum

Carpets of tiny Viola sempervirens

the robust Petasites frigidus var. palmatus

and the lone Ribes roezlii(?)

Closer to the house, we have Heuchera micrantha

And a spring mix of Euphorbia "red wings" and tulips.

Other flowers not pictured: Ribes sanguineum, Lysichiton americanus, Claytonia sibirica, Vaccinium ovatum, Armeria maritima, one tiny little Madia sp., rosemary (year-round bloomer apparently), and Narcissus.


chuck b. said...

Nice patch of petasites flowers. I have one in bud.

Garden Wise Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by my Garden Wise Guys blog. Yes, that Fuchsia procumbens is stunning. I'll have to search one out and see how it behaves.

Love your NoCal plant palette. I have "woodland plant envy." The other man's grass is always greener.

Have a great day and bountiful spring.