Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quick Garden Update

The lily and Clintonia seedlings seemed to be doing just fine, but I have noticed that some of the leaf tips have been nibbled. Oh, and the Lilium washingtonianum spp. purpuratum have germinated. Mimulus lewisii, Mimulus cardinalis, Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus dentatus, and the shrubby Mimulus aurantiacus are all beginning active growth mode. The mature Lilium pardilinum bulbs have sent up their star-like leaf rosettes. I've transplanted Lupinus polyphyllus seedlings into the coastal prairie. The Aquilegia formosa have new bushy growth and some of last years Clarkias, despite being annuals, seem ready for another season.

Fork in the road: there is the possiblity of me moving to Philadelphia for three years to study landscape architecture. I've never been to the East coast and have never lived in a big city. But it's a possibility.


Ellen said...

I don't know anything about the program at University of Pennsylvania but I like Philadelphia and its surroundings. I think you're wise to come look first, to see how it feels to you. If you have time (and if it's open for the season) you should visit Chanticleer in Wayne, PA. One of my favorite gardens ever, anywhere. And if you're coming to NYC, please let me know in advance. If I'm in town (there's a 50-50 chance) I'd be happy to bring you to the NYBG, if you like.

Anna said...

I've moved a lot with my dh being retired AF and I can find something I liked about everywhere. It's all such an adventure and three years goes by quickly. Good luck!

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Thanks, Ellen, that's very generous of you. I'll only have a few days and a lot to learn about Philadelphia and the program, so I won't be able to make it to NYC. That would have been so awesome. I will, however, try my best to make it to Chanticleer, which will be open according to the website. If I end up living in Philadelphia, it would be really great meeting you at the NYBG sometime.

Anna, thanks for the encouragement. There are a few choices here, so hopefully I'll make a good one.

chuck b. said...

Ewww, DON'T GO!

The east coast is gross!

Philadelphia is kind of cool tho'--with it's narrow streets and old world charms. Plus, it's cheap and about equidistant between New York and DC.

Can't you study landscape design in California? They can't teach you how to design for California on the east coast. Well, Michelle Derviss went to Harvard, so maybe they can a little bit.

Frances, said...

Don't listen to chuck b., the east coast is not either gross, well maybe some parts might be, no that's not right either. Why not see something that you have not tried before? We have moved from coast to coast and in between and have memories and friends and experiences that cannot be duplicated. Life is for living!
Frances at Faire Garden

Gardener of La Mancha said...

East versus West!

It's probably obvious from this blog that I really enjoy the west coast. But you know those hero journeys? To get the grail you've got to go through the gauntlet, so to speak, and this may be the terrifyingly foreign experience I've been looking for to help me emerge as master of the universe. That's if it's difficult. If it's wonderful too, then that's great.

And if I see Philadelphia and it's not quite right, I'll still be able to see some cool buildings and historic sites (and a garden). My dad's coming with me, so it should be fun.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

chuck b. said...

There are tons of gardens in the Philadelphia area. Cal Hort (which has a horrifying picture of Aristolochia ridicula on its homepage right now is taking a trip there to see gardens. Anyhow, You can click "Field Trips" if you want to see a list of gardens you could visit in Philadelphia.

I went to grad school out of state and it was the biggest disaster of my life. Just sayin'.

Brent said...

I enjoyed Philly and the areas around it. There's reasonable open space and parks in that area of Pennsylvania as well as urban comforts.

That said, I've always been happy to return to California.

Elliott Broidy said...

Best of luck!