Saturday, March 8, 2008

Signs of Spring

(Wild Prunus blossoms and Lysichiton americanus.)

The Winter of Unemployment is over. I am leaving my island of Big Lagoon and moving to Eureka, where I've accepted a job helping the Director/Curator of an art museum. I'm pretty excited. I have to see how much time I can spare, but since I'll be in Eureka, I hope to volunteer at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens. I also hope to find an affordable apartment with at least a sunny balcony for experimenting with seed propagation. Grad schools are still in the mix and I should be hearing from them starting at the end of this month. Time to wake up.


Frances, said...

Hey, congratulations and many wishes for your dreams to come true. I hear Eureka is a great place and being near a quality garden where you can get your hands dirty sounds pretty good, not to mention the art job. Good luck in all that!

Frances at Faire Garden

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Thanks, Francis. The Humboldt Botanical Garden is just getting started (it's not even open to the public yet), but I think we can safely call it a quality garden. Today I walked up and down the streets of Eureka. There's not a lot available, but there are a few prospects. I was suprised by how many nice little neighborhoods are hidden here and there. And the Victorian houses (some restored, some dilapidated) keeps things interesting.