Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Bloom Day

I know I'm supposed to be in exhile, but I had to come home to say goodbye to my grandma, who was staying with my parents for the holidays. I thought since I'm here at least for a few more hours, I would start out the year right by contributing to Bloom Day. (After all, this is a garden blog and I think I should have some garden-related postings.)

As you can see above, some Clarkia amoena are still blooming. Hello-to-spring, I guess. I've mentioned before that I'm fond of Euphorbias. Well below is a garden variety called 'Red Wings' that someone else planted in the herb garden. We don't use it as an herb however; it's very toxic. One herb that is blooming quite a bit right now is the creeping rosemary (not pictured).

Inside, this orchid's still blooming strong.

This one's very close. You can see that the flowers are forming on a new shoot coming from the old flowering shoot (which I decided not to cut off, luckily). It's the same situation with the pink orchide above. But maybe if I had cut them off an entirely new shoot would have appeared. Who knows.

There's also a red Schlumbergera that's just finishing its blooms, but I don't care for it much. But I am excited to see many flowers on the Vaccinium ovatum growing wildly outside. Means lots of huckleberries this summer.


Ellen said...

Like you, I sometimes have to remind myself that my garden blog is supposed to be about gardening! My excuse is winter; I wish I had Vaccinium flowers blooming. The Clarkia shot is striking; excellent composition.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Winter is a good excuse. And anyway, I like your postings on foraged food, so feel free to deviate as much as you want.

lisa said...

Huckleberry! I knew there was another fruiting bush I wanted to get. I'm digging those orchids, too...one of these days I want to get a couple for more indoor blooms. My "garden blog" veers off course pretty regularly too, I say write what you wish-no real rules here!