Monday, January 14, 2008

More Pictures from Home

This is the bog where sundews grow. I don't think they're awake right now. I don't know because I forgot my rubber boots.

Back into the dark woods I photographed here. The deer is a fallen branch.

False lily of the valley berries.

One of the lagoon's beaches.

Those bunch grasses are Deschampsia caespitosa, the same species we grow in the coastal prairie garden.
The lagoon.

A boat on the beach. But no one's around.

Some kind of dead Juncus right on the edge.

The ocean's on the other side of that horizon.


chuck b. said...

It sounds very quiet in these pictures!

Gardener of La Mancha said...

It is incredibly quiet in the forest. When I was at the lagoon, there were flocks of birds moving in and out, but even they aren't that noisy. Sometimes there are cormorants, and those are. They sound like pigs. There was one noisy speed boat, but it was there only for a moment.

lisa said...

Beautiful and serene...just what I needed to see today! (Feeling restless and tweaky for no real reason.) Thank you!

Kellie said...

I'm so glad you posted photos of the false lily-of-the-valley berried. I was hiking in Prairie Creek around xmas, and could not remember ever seeing them before. I put some in a ziplock and was finally getting around to trying to ID them. They held up remarkably well in my backpack for a week! Anyhow, thanks!